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  • 519-691-3429
    - This number belongs to a Collection agency. DO NOT ANSWER if you haven't received a letter FIRST. Illegal for them to call without sending you a letter first providing details of debt.
  • 888-511-2250
    - The female calling claimed to process disability forms for Canada income tax use, and also claimed to have received a disability tax deduction application with my cell phone number on it. Then claimed it came with a fake email address. Must be some information gathering service for telemarketers or something.
  • 902-200-8600
    - Bell Aliant
  • 438-324-7575
    - Called me but I can't call them back.
  • 416-921-7979
    - Called at 9:30 pm. Left no message.
  • 647-494-7923
    - Death threats
  • 705-733-5615
    - Called me, stayed completely silent, then blocked me after I asked who it was. Weird.
  • 613-391-3144
    - No message left even though I didn't answer.
  • 902-397-4412
    - Text said it's CRA and I own money to them. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.
  • 844-933-2947
    - TCompany called Sirius,,,,relentless and many calls.eych se
  • 905-771-5949
    - Called my home number .. annoying !!
  • 437-887-2659
    - They came at 6:30am, I didn't answer the door as it's not even within the delivery time frame and still dark outside. They then lied and added that they tried delivery at 1pm, I was home and that was not true, they tried at 6:30am!!!! Sorry Amazon but I already had a driver harassing me and sexting my number all night wanting sex, after that incident I no longer open my door to them. I did report it to Amazon and Intelcom though. I will buzz them in after 8am. Ladies be careful, they have your name, address and phone number, these guys are NOT being background checked, anyone can be at our door!!!!!
  • 888-481-3436
    - This person calls me few times. He asked if I understood Chinese and claims to be the Chinese customer service from my phone company. The person claims to be from my phone provider and ask for my information. He has some of my correct address, phone number and postal code. I was very scared and I hang up. I then called my phone service provider directly and they said my account is safe and I do not need to worry.
  • 833-631-4841
    - many times a day as FDR . SCAM
  • 437-292-5191
    - Yesterday that number +1 4372925191 phoning on me. I just keep wondering how did they get my number,? I thought it was scam.