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South Africa is an unknown number query service where you can find out the purpose of calling you from your fixed phone or mobile phone. Thanks to the comments made by our users; You can find out the purpose of the caller number and who it is. Unsolicited calls (spam), scammers and marketers are easy to spot!

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  • 041 493 1154
    - Don't trust any numbers you not familiar with.
  • 082 250 9279
    - This number phoned me. After some research, I found that it belongs to HomeChoice.
  • 021 555 3107
    - whodo is bayrons time game
  • 031 054 8426
    - I don't know the number that keeps on calling me
  • 012 516 0067
    - This number scammed us please be alert.. they act like they are from a bank then they scam you.
  • 087 092 8684
    - They called me I blocked the number
  • 072 370 0190
    - they keep calling me, have blocked the number
  • 011 574 5314
    - this is a scam they claim to be rain and request your ID number, saying your account is in arears and you should make payment to an ABSA account. don't be fooled they are a scam.
  • 021 424 2186
    - Scammers they take people monies with out authorities saying the work with capitac bank its a fat lie legal cover for what and whoooo bad people
  • 010 142 0205
    - Was called and when answered it took a while before the other side answered but immediately ended the call. It sounds like the marketing number who calls numbers and if answered then puts it through to an agent. Still nor sure who and what it was all about.
  • 010 449 3344
    - Scammers.
  • 021 460 2320
    - This number calls my granddaughter's number virtually everyday
  • 060 744 9016
    - He was trying to get nudes from a minor and then threatened her
  • 043 492 0524
    - Received several calls today from this number; when I answered the line rings as if I was calling someone..... and it rings for very long without someone answering. At first I hold on a bit, then hang up; around 3rd call later in the day I waited while it's ringing after some lady picked up with "hallo" and then hang up immediately after. I received another few calls late this afternoon, same number - I refuse to answer again. (worrysome... cause I need to check my service provider iro the billing, if I was not billed for that call I answered....).
  • 051 054 5993
    - Could be trying to fish for info - possible scam - blocked the nr.